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Love Is Dope

You know how you’re just going about your life and like a bolt out of the blue you have a creative impulse and just have to act on it? That’s how the idea that Love is Dope (link to where I share it with you) came to me.

love is dope, pixel art, eartha kitt, quote, self love, deficit
Eartha Kitt has been one of my icons for a very long time, and her life and art contributed to my own vision and creativity.


Love is Dope came as a fully realized vision in my head: a pixel-art pixel heart in gold and green, full of nostalgia for my old Super Nintendo. It was one of those concepts that, when I woke up in the super early hours of the morning, just had to be released from the realm of imagination — but I had to work at it really hard to bring it into our world.

Fun fact: The design you see above that I’m sharing in The Art of Sunday Shop was the original one, but I once remixed it to fit on a crop top. There’s only one and it belongs to my good friend Amuon.

love is dope, tank top, art of sunday
Amuon sporting his Love is Dope sleeveless crop top.

At the time I vibed with the idea in an intellectual, heady way. Sometimes, it was just a specter hanging around my headspace. Other times, it would overwhelm me like an ocean crashing down on a jagged, rocky coast. But I didn’t feel it in my spirit until recently… and I think I know why.

Love is an infinite idea that we as beings with finite minds can only know it in parts, and no one can ever know it fully. It’s only because I’ve recently begun seeing the fruits of my “selfwork” and have begun feeling authentically me that I vibe higher with it and thus feel comfortable promoting it. (For reference: I’ve been sitting on this idea and design for more than a year.)

Love is Dope because Love is Eternal

Have you ever known a concept so endless, so infinite, so universal that it exists in every language, and within every language it exists in, it has so many levels and variations and iterations?

Love is such a concept. And that concept is dope.

That protective, cultivating love of a parent for their child? Dope.

That passionate, affectionate love between two people from different blood who learn to care for one another deeply? Dope.

love is dope, eartha kitt, self love, deficit, quote

That familiar, jovial love among brothers and sisters that grow up having each other’s back and being there? Dope.

That cute, still-blind-but-sniffing-out-siblings love of litters of hours-old puppies and kittens? Dope.

That collective, bonding love of ostracized people that share an identity to curb the pain of marginalization? Dope.

That fierce, relentless love of driven individuals and groups for truth, beauty, justice? Dope.

That compassionate, forgiving love when you give yourself all the space, time, and opportunity in the cosmos to be who you are, where you are? Dope.

Love is dope.

Peace and Love

I recently wrote a post about how I stopped hunting happiness and started permitting peace to permeate my life, and a huge part of getting myself to a place where I even could promote peace was to give myself permission to be compassionate toward myself.

Self-compassion is described by psychologists as being composed of self-kindness (being understanding toward your flaws rather than self-critical), having a sense of common humanity with others (recognizing our individual flawed condition as part of a collective human condition), and being mindful (being aware of our pain in a balanced way that neither ignores nor amplifies it).

I struggled for a very, very long time to make my inner voice less of a police officer or grand judge, and more of my higher self. Rather than restrict myself and calculate every move going forward, I try to let myself be. So far, this gentle and permissive inner voice has been helpful for my quality of life.

Whereas in the past, I would chastise myself for mistakes and punish myself with verbal abuse for things that went wrong, I now give myself the freedom to get messy and make mistakes (#MissFrizzleForPresident2020). This is how I practice self-kindness.

Whereas in the past, I would isolate myself for my mistakes and inborn traits I perceived as wrong or bad, I now work to share my experiences and inner universe with the hope of connecting to others, thereby finding understanding and solidarity. This is how I practice including myself in the common humanity I never really felt a part of.

Whereas in the past, I would dwell on the things I did wrong and anticipate the things I would do wrong in the future because I knew myself to be a Grade-A fuck up, I now work toward understanding my actions in a larger, less me-centric context. This is how I practice mindfulness.

For me, love is dope because there’s space for me to learn to love myself and share myself with others–others whom, because I am learning to handle myself with care, I can also handle with care and understanding. Barney was onto something when he said “Sharing is Caring.” I wonder if he ever made a song saying sharing is dope?

A Love that Vibes Higher

Be all that as it may, I am nowhere close to understanding love as a higher concept in its entirety–no more than anyone else, anyway. I am getting closer and closer to understanding my part, and I hope to share stories with others and learn more. A love that vibes higher is collective, understanding, sharing, forgiving, ever-improving, vulnerable, resilient and protective. It’s open, it’s trusting, it’s caring.

If you vibe with what I’ve shared with you, I’ll also share a shirt with you and you can share the message with others. In addition, if you use the code LoveSoDope at checkout, you’ll get $5 off!

Happy Sunday and vibe higher!

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