Happy Accidents During Deep Travel

While a lot of people like to travel widely, I prefer to travel deeply. When visiting a new country I’d rather get to know a city for three days than see three cities. Similar to my thoughts on music reviews that drop the same the album drops, I believe that it takes time and patience to know something.

Embed yourself as unobtrusively as you can into the rhythms of a place. Not necessarily so deeply that you become a fixture, but deeply enough that you interrupt your prior thought patterns and grow into new ones.

That’s kind of how I got this gem of a photo below. But would you believe it was because of my penchant for staying put plus an accidental truck arrival that I got it?

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You know when you wake up at just the right time and everything seems bathed in an otherworldly light? In this case, I call this, "the indigo hour." . I remember just waking up one morning in Aachen, Germany and seeing it through the window, and having fallen asleep with my camera so close by, it was nothing to dash out the door and set my camera to RAW shooting mode and try as hard as I could to muster some latent talent to try and get the shot right. I think it turned out as it did in my mind's eye, haha. . One of the "perks" of being in Germany is the way the time is set up. The sun comes over the horizon at more or less 5:30 AM and goes away around 10/11PM. Other than royally messing with your sleep schedule, it's great for getting natural light in photos. It also makes you want to stay up with your friends a little later drinking the world's greatest beers. . Another ACTUAL perk has to be these amazing stones. I was obsessed with them upon arriving because just LOOOK at how the light interacts with them. It is like the light is a liquid on the stone, the way it reflects and move as vehicles move forward. More importantly, was the quality of the ambient light. This indigo/blue that surrounds you here on many mornings has been the color that always escaped me in the #USA and #Brasil; if I happened to be around, I wouldnt have a camera or I wouldnt know how to reproduce it accurately. . Yes. I geek out over light and rocks. Deal with it. . . . . . . . . . #Aachen #Germany #Travel #TravelPhotography #BlackTrvael #Queertravel #Eurotrip #GutenMorgen #Alemanha #Deutschland #Frankfurt #Hamburg #Victorian #Steampunk #BlueHour #IndigoHour #GoldenHour #Purple #Truck #Streetphotography

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Taking a page from my own post about The Golden Hour, I was lucky enough that the light and time waited patiently for me. I fiddled with my camera to capture as closely the early morning world as I saw it. And just as I set the timer to take a picture, within the ten seconds a truck arrived!

I was frustrated at first with the truck, but it wound up being lucky because I ended up with a better shot than anticipated when I saw the way the reflections from the headlights spilled onto the cobblestone. The barely does justice to how fluid the light looked.

I strongly believe I would never have been able to snap that pic had I not been situated in Aachen for a few weeks. As an amateur photographer I wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to immediately know what settings I needed to best capture the scene. Nor would I have known that this street had the potential to be so beautiful had I not passed it several times during the busy daylight hours to consider it.

Do you prefer to hit up every city in a new country when travelling, or are you more of a deep travel type like me? Have you ever had lucky mistakes? Comment telling me about some of them!

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