You are…

If there were one word to describe you at your best, it would be high-vibing!

You’ve got great ideas, you’re passionate, you want everybody who is good, kind and smart to win. You probably also recycle and have a thing for cartoons and nerdy pursuits.

If there were one word to describe your life right now, it would be meh. You have goals and things you want to achieve but like all of us, don’t you just sometimes feel… stuck.

I was…

The Art of SundayFor those who don’t know me, I run The Art of Sunday — the high-vibing digital platform you’re currently experiencing. I love writing, solving design problems virtually or artistically, thinking, reading and traveling. My ideal day is me and my books in a bed.

But every day wasn’t ideal.

I’ve lived that in that dark shadow of stuckness, even when I had a smile. Sure, I clawed my way out, but I’m not foolish enough to believe one bad day won’t be enough to slip back into darkness, confusion, and chronic negativity. Peace is not a destination, after all — peace is a journey.

I want to help you vibe higher than where you are, and where I’ve been. But I don’t want to do it for you; I want to vibe higher with you.

We will be…

How can people as brilliant, creative, and fun as we are be living anything but our best ever life? How can people as passionate, talented and driven as we are be anywhere but as high as the noonday sun? With a promise.

The Art of Sunday is a promise.

It’s the promise between you and yourself that you will let creativity and adventure flow and take form.

The promise to your inner wild-child that all those places on the map you first saw as a kid, you’ll visit. Yes, that includes the astronomy maps! (When we vibe high we get cosmic up in here!)

The promise to your well-being that you’ll work hard to achieve your goals, but you’ll also take time to smell the pineapples and coconuts.

It’s the promise that you will love yourself and even when you feel at your lowest point, you’ll still be among stars and galaxies.

Every moment and piece we share with you, it’s from a core sentiment we’ll repeat time and time again: Vibe higher.

Join me in Sundaying! On the platform…

  • We’ll have stellar conversations with dynamic high-vibers who strive to live authentically–travelers, creatives and good-deed doers;
  • We’ll share valuable insights and creations with one another;
  • We’ll do the self-work necessary to be phoenixes on earth;
  • We will vibe higher.