If there were one word to describe you, it would be high-vibing (compound words count as one!) You’ve got great ideas, passion, you want everybody who does good to win, and you probably recycle.

If there were one word to describe your life right now, it would be meh. You have goals and things you want to achieve but like all of us, don’t you just sometimes feel… stuck.

How can someone as brilliant, creative, and fun as you be living anything but you best ever life?

The Art of Sunday is a promise.

It’s the promise between you and yourSelf that you will let creativity and adventure flow and take form. The Art of Sunday is the promise you make to your inner wild child that all those places on the map you first saw as a kid, you’ll visit–including the astronomy maps! It’s the promise you make to your wellbeing that you’ll work hard to achieve your goals, but you’ll also take time to smell the pineapples and coconuts.

Join me in Sundaying! On the platform I’ll cover:

  • The journey toward being location-independent and specifically learning to be a digital nomad;
  • Speaking with dynamic creatives and travelers, brand creators, and wise souls who’ve got answers;
  • Learning life skills and fun creative crafts;
  • Self-care and unlearning bad habits